Dr. Lidong Zheng D.D.S.

Dr. Lidong Zheng graduated with her Dentistry degree from Dalian Medical University in China. Later, she passed the NDEB Examinations and became a certified dentist in Canada. Dr. Zheng is a responsible and hardworking dentist who enjoys interacting with patients and tackling challenges.


Dr. Zheng consistently provides patients with detailed and professional diagnoses during their appointments. She feels that all her patients deserve a clear and thorough description of their case so they can be fully aware of the next steps and possible treatment plans. Encouraging questions and easing patient concerns is what makes Dr. Zheng so proficient in working with children. She is a mother of four and can understand the worries that kids have when heading to the dentist. By informing the child or adolescent about their orthodontic treatment plan, it creates a trusting relationship between herself and them.


Not to mention, Dr. Zheng loves learning and regularly participates in continuing dental education courses over the years. She believes that by keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques, she will be able to provide the best possible treatment for her patients and ensure their satisfaction.

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