Dr. Leo Kovbel BSc., D.M.D.

Dr. Leo Kovbel graduated from McGill’s Dental School with a few awards behind his name. He is a lifelong self-learner and excels at constantly updating his knowledge and skills. Aside from that, he enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially root canal therapy and orthodontics, including Invisalign.


For Dr. Kovbel, working in orthodontics means a lot due to his positive impact on his patients. It is rewarding to observe changes in each patient as they occur throughout the treatment. He works collaboratively with his patients, discussing treatment details while listening and answering questions. Dr. Kovbel is also certified to administer nitrous oxide and moderate sedation.


Dr. Kovbel believes in healthy living and fitness and does his best to try and slip in his workouts during his busy days. He enjoys reading a good book in his spare time if only he could find a spot away from his three kids.

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