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Dr. Leonard Terk


Dr. Leonard Terk is a caring dentist who practices comfortable, health-centered dentistry with strong emphasis on getting to know each of his patients. In addition to his technical proficiency, Dr. Terk is a careful listener and will explain beforehand what treatment is best for your individual needs.

After earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto in 1972, Dr. Terk received his doctorate from the same school in 1978. Dr. Terk is continually improving his practice with the newest techniques and products to bring you personalized dental care in a sterile, safe environment.

Dr. Ron Zohar

D.M.D., Ph.D., F.R.C.D(c)

Dr. Ron Zohar obtained his Bachelor Medical Science for the faculty of Medicine, Ben Gurion University, Israel. DMD from Tel-Aviv University where he joined the teaching staff of the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry shortly after his graduation in 1987.

In 1991, Dr. Zohar started his Graduate training in Periodontology at Tel-Aviv University and was sent as part of the program in 1994 to University of Toronto where he completed in 1998 a combined PhD/Clinical periodontology program in the universities of Toronto and Tel-Aviv respectively, which was followed in 2000, with a fellowship of the Royal College of Dentists of Canadian Periodontology.

Dr. Zohar returned to Toronto in 2002 to take a full time position at the University of Toronto where he was active in clinical training as well as building a clinically translational research and practicing part time as a Periodontist. Dr. Zohar is also serving as an examiner for the Royal College of Dentists of Canada in Periodontics. Dr. Zohar is now focused on his clinical practice specialized in regenerative Periodontology and Implant therapy.

Dr. Leo Kovbel

BSc., D.M.D.

Dr. Leo Kovbel graduated from McGill’s Dental School with a few awards behind his name. He is a lifelong self-learner and excels at constantly updating his knowledge and skills. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially root canal therapy and orthodontics including Invisalign.

For Dr. Kovbel, working orthodontics means a lot due to the positive impact it has on his patients. It is continually rewarding to observe the changes in each patient as they occur over the course of the treatment. He works collaboratively with his patients, discussing treatment details while listening and answering questions, to ensure that all patients are confident and comfortable throughout their treatment. Dr. Kovbel is also certified to administer nitrous oxide and moderate sedation.

Dr. Kovbel believes in healthy living and fitness and does his best to try and slip in his workouts during his busy days. He enjoys reading a good book in his spare time, if only he could find a spot away from his three kids.

Dr. Hesam Doust


Dr. Doust graduated from dental school in 2011 and received his D.D.S. He completed all of his NDEB examination at the University of Toronto. In 2012 Dr. Doust attended a two year implant fellowship program. In addition to enhancing his surgical skills, Dr. Doust completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in esthetic dentistry, root canal treatment and sedation dentistry to ensure that patient’s receive the best advanced techniques available. Dr. Doust is an active member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and the Ontario Dental Association.

During his time away from dentistry, Dr. Doust enjoys playing tennis, skiing, travelling and spending quality time with family and friends.

"Dentistry is my true passion and it brings me joy to interact with our staff and the patients of our office and community."

Dr. Lidong Zheng


Dr. Lidong Zheng graduated with her Dentistry degree from Dalian Medical University in China. Later, she has passed the NDEB Examinations and became a certified dentist in Canada. Dr. Zheng is a responsible and hardworking dentist who enjoys interacting with patients and tackling challenges.

Dr. Zheng consistently provides patients with a detailed and professional diagnosis during their appointments. She feels that all of her patients deserve a clear and thorough description of their case so they can be fully aware of the next steps and possible treatment plans. Encouraging questions and easing patient concerns is what makes Dr. Zheng so proficient with working with children. She is a mother of four and can understand the worries that kids have when heading to the dentist. By informing the child or adolescent about their orthodontic treatment plan it creates a trusting relationship between herself and them.

Not to mention, Dr. Zheng has a love of learning and regularly participates in continuing dental education courses over the years. She believes that by keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques, she will be able to provide the best possible treatment for her patients and ensure their satisfaction.

Dr. Hannah Lo

H.B.Sc., D.D.S.

Dr. Hannah Lo completed her Honours Bachelor of Science with distinction from the University of Toronto. She subsequently graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Dental Surgery. During her time in Melbourne, Dr. Lo was actively involved in the dental community and held several leadership positions including co-chair of the Graduating Students’ Committee. Since then, she has been practicing patient-centered dentistry, and believes in providing patients with a safe and comfortable environment in which to improve their oral health.

Dr. Lo enjoys all aspects of dentistry, especially restorative and pediatric dentistry and oral surgery. Dr. Lo also believes in practicing dentistry that is driven by scientific research and is a strong advocate for learning and continued education. As such, she constantly engages in professional development to ensure that she is well-informed.

Born and raised in Toronto, Dr. Lo moved to North York a few years ago, and has greatly enjoyed getting to know the neighbourhood. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the world of food with her husband and her family and friends. Dr. Lo is very excited to be part of the Yonge at Sheppard Centre Dentistry team and is looking forward to providing you and your family with gentle, patient, and comprehensive dental care.

Dr. Hamed G. Doust

D.M.D. , MSc , Orthodontist

Dr. Hamed G. Doust graduated from dental school in 2016 from Semmelweis university and received his D.M.D. He completed all of his NDEB examination at the University of Toronto. In 2020 Dr. Hamed became a board certified Orthodontist in European union. In 2019 he attended a two year Masters of Oral surgery and Implantology In Essen Germany. With post-graduate training in Orthodontics and Implantology, his areas of interest include both aesthetic and Cosmetic dentistry and he enjoys working in all fields of dentisty. Dr Hamed G. Doust completed hours of continuing education in esthetic dentistry and root canal treatment. He is an active member of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and the Ontario Dental Association.

"I am very passionate about dentistry , I enjoy creating beautiful smiles both esthetically and functionaly . I appreciate working with patients and colleagues of our community."



Our dental hygiene department combines 30 years of experience with the latest technology. Our intra oral camera shows you exactly what we see. Our compassionate, dedicated hygienists prevent disease through prevention, oral self-care instructions and regular maintenance programs. The dental hygiene team is not only dedicated to preventing disease, but aims to help you achieve and keep your beautiful smile.



Our front desk staff has over 40 years of combined experience in the field which includes a solid understanding of all the dental procedures a patient could need or want. Having this knowledge has always been an advantage to our team as they work closely with each patient in scheduling appointments and discussing the associated fees. Their experience has been invaluable working with our patients’ dental plans to ensure that the plan can be utilized as much as possible to assist the patient with any decision needed. Our staff are courteous and always available to help with any concerns.